This morning I had to practice patience through rest.

I had a good nights sleep and got my son his breakfast and made myself a smoothie. Then I got us ready to go for my morning run with C25K. I was about 5 minutes into my run when I realized the distance was a bit fuzzy. First thought was is something wrong with my eye sight.

Then a bit farther along the way I realized nope it is just the start of a migraine. I was halfway through and didn’t want to turn around plus I was planning on stopping by the store to pick up dishwasher soap since we were all out and the dishwasher was full. So I decided to push on through the workout and to the store.

But the pain had begun by the time I got to the store so I picked up some Advil and a bottle of water as well. Then as I was exiting the store my hand slowly grew tingly and slowly went away as I walked home.


I had a full day of packing, prepping and straightening the house while watching my 13 month old because we are leaving tomorrow morning for a trip and now I have a migraine.

The only way I have every gotten over a migraine is to just close my eyes and rest. That is hard with a toddler and twice as hard when I think I need to get things done.

I did lay down on the couch while my little man started to play and that is when my stomach started rolling with nausea. Not the morning I had planned!

Well, it was nap time so I put my son in the swing and headed upstairs. I laid down but I just felt awful so I decided to take a warm shower to see if that would help me relax. I normally only have about an hour during the morning nap so I kind of had to hurry if I wanted to lay down again.

Done with the shower and I went back to lay down and close my eyes. Then I just laid there with a million things running through my head that needed to be done. I heard my phone ring but it was downstairs so I ignored it. But, of course, I wondered who it was. I really wanted to jump out of bed and get working but I realized I needed patience to just rest.

And then to my surprise I heard the ding on my computer that meant it was noon and birthday pop ups were happening. It had been an hour and a half since my son went down. I laid there for another 15 minutes just for good measure to make sure my migraine was gone. If I rushed it too fast I would be back to square one.

The patience and rest paid off. I am feeling good. God helped my son get a two hour nap so I could get over my migraine properly. It was hard to lay there with a million things to do but I am glad I forced myself to have patience and rest.

Now my afternoon will be filled chasing my son and packing but in good health.




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