Daily Moments

So the other day I read a post by a mom that compared herself to being glue and the dad being the glitter. The writer meant she was the one that kept everything going and she didn’t feel she got to have much fun which then fell to her husband who looked to always have the fun with the children. She felt she was always running and that was ok because you need the glue to make the glitter stick.

I agree with you need the glue but I say why can’t each parent be the glue and the glitter.

I do feel like I am the glue keeping the house together. I am in charge of the never unending laundry. The dishes must be done every morning, afternoon, and evening. There is the grocery shopping, the bills, the emails, the walks, the naps, etc. I see things that need to be done that my husband doesn’t.

But I also feel like my husband is the glue when he wakes up and works five days a week to provide our food, house, and lifestyle. He takes care of giving my son a bath every night. He helps with the hard household tasks. And he foresees what might happens and tries to prevent disaster.

Now my husband gets to be more of the glitter because he gets maybe two hours each day with our son and over 75% of that is playing and fun interactions. I am sure as my son gets older there will be more adventures with dad on the weekends.

But… I would  challenge mothers to try and make a bit of glitter in each day with their children.

Yes, we still had to run the house and be the disciplinarian majority of the time. But what would happen if you enjoyed daily moments with your children.

I know what happens in my life is I get to hear my son’s contagious laugh when I stop and be the glitter. I see a smile on his face when he sees me. And I hope I am creating a happy home that he will always want to return to.

And here is some of those moments from this past week.

I was laundering my sheets and my son loves rolling around on my bed but doesn’t get to much so I tossed him up on the bed. Then we rolled around together and I gave him tickles to hear his beautiful laugh. I ran from one side of the bed to the other chasing him. I gave silly kisses and flew him like an airplane.

I chase my son up the stairs. Not really fast but about halfway up I tickle him and then give him 5 more seconds before tickling him again. This makes a bit of glitter and helps get him up the stairs a bit faster.

I regularly have dance parties with my son on a daily basis. This takes less the 10 seconds. I just hold his hands and sign dance party, dance party while we dance.

I sit down and read him books while he plays  bit or snuggles. Wednesday he brought over The Hungry Caterpillar while I was busy so I sat and read it to him. He loves the holes to poke his fingers through.

Then Tuesday night while cleaning up the kitchen our dog got in the way so I said, “move it, move it, Dylan.” My son cracked up laughing so I continued to do it while he laughed. It was the best thing ever. He even laughed and ran toward Dylan when my husband came home and I told him the story.

I am teaching my son how to color so I pull out paper and tape it to the floor to color with him.

And I stop on our walks to show him the snails that cross our sidewalks. This past week it rained and there were dozens all over. And I let my son touch every bush, flower, leaf that he can reach on our walks.

Oh and I sing a lot to my son. I sing while changing him, while we clean up, while I carry him up stairs, and while I am bathing him. Some songs are made up others are silly songs that I know. But It makes the work lighter and gives him something to focus on.

It doesn’t have to take long or much effort to sprinkle giggles and fun throughout the day It keeps my day so much happier and I pray that my son will remember those daily moments that I took to focus on him and forget my chores and to do lists. I don’t want to be the absent stay at home mom but the one present in each day.

How do you embrace the daily moments in your life? How can you be the glitter?


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