Day of Destruction

Yesterday was the DAY OF DESTRUCTION!

I was exhausted by 4:30pm. And it didn’t end there.

Oh and the day started off really easy with a casual morning before heading to my MOPs Tea and Testimony. That meant also I only had to deal with my little man for half the day. He was watched for three hours and then slept for an hour and half when we got home.

So what went wrong?

I am working on finished an outdoor bench that my husband made so after I did my Pilates during my little man’s nap I went outside to start staining it. Wouldn’t you know that was right when my little man woke up!

So I brought him downstairs and started giving him lunch which was a variety of leftovers from the tea and some meatballs. This didn’t start off well because my son just was throwing a fit and throwing food as well. So I finally took everything away from him until he calmed down. Then I gave it to him back and he ate just fine.

Once finished he wanted to play outside so I thought I might get some staining done while he did. Nope! He wanted to paint along the side of me so I closed up the stain can and scooped him up and went inside for a bit.

We went on a nice walk when I relaxed a bit. Then I came home and let him play which included letting him go back outside.

Next thing I know I look over and he has the stain can and it is spilling down the side. Oh no! I scoop him up and run to the sink to wash his hands. He also had a snack at this point in his Munchkin cup.

So the stain was all down his arms, a bit on his shirt and in his snacks.

He got made when I took his snack but he wasn’t going to be eating stain!

I then shut the door so he couldn’t come back outside and I proceeded to hose down the patio and the bench of any stain that was spilt. This meant no more playing outside for my little man.

Next thing I was pulling clothes from the dryer that I had just washed that was given to me for my little man when I heard the toilet lid lift and coplunk! Oh no!

My son had just lifted the toilet lid, I believe for the first time, and dropped his Duplo car and little man into the toilet. And then proceeded to start pulling the toilet paper off.

Lucky for me, he doesn’t know how flush the toilet yet.

I take him into the living room to play and I go about trying to cook dinner. I was making cordon blue chicken which was much harder then I thought because my chicken was still slightly frozen and the biggest chicken breasts ever!

So I get that down but in the middle of my cooking David has thrown a few fits because he is hungry. How, I don’t know! Probably because he is a boy but this is his third or fourth snack since his late lunch at 1:30 and it is just past 4:30. He does like food.

I finally tell him to go read a book and he does! But then he goes to find his coloring items and begins to throw his crayons, markers and pencils all over the floor. He does color a bit in the process but I believe making the mess was the bigger goal.

While he is making a mess and dinner is cooking I start folding the laundry. He does try to come get it but I give him only the unfolded laundry. He decides to go get into his Duplos and Dylan’s toys.

So by the time we start dinner the whole house is covered in toys. Even my husband was shocked when he saw almost every corner of the room was covered. My husband even missed the mess of the gold fish I had given him to start dinner that he had pushed all off his high chair and our dog had eaten up.

To just sit and eat dinner was wonderful!

My husband was home and maybe we would be able to relax. We took a stroll with David to get some cupcakes because I really wanted them after my long long afternoon. Good thing we came back the way we walked because David had taken off both of his socks along the way and we hadn’t noticed. But we found both of them!

We come home and it is finally bedtime. Our little man starts playing with a few pool toys that were in his stroller and my husband starts cleaning up the house. But that didn’t last long because the “destructor” came in and pulled down every pile of my folded laundry and then pulled down a row of our dvd’s.

Why? Because Dylan had to jump into the day of destruction with a bloody nail that he had just ran all over the house with even on our furniture so my husband and I were quickly cleaning that up before it dried.

Finally we made it upstairs and were headed for the bath. But before getting in the bath our little man had to pull the hangers all around that were set aside to go downstairs for the laundry.

Then to finish the night before he went to bed as I was dressing him after his bath he peed. I was relieved that is wasn’t over my husband or me but just on the changing pad.

I will remember this day for awhile and am laughing about it. Glad my son can keep me on my toys.


Oh Dear!

So yesterday we went an explored a park called Adventure Playground in Irvine. It was quite fun and my son enjoyed himself. The reason it is called the Adventure Playground is that the children are suppose to explore, dig, get dirty, and have fun.

The mud and watch portion of the playground was closed for work but there was plenty that my son still enjoyed. He loved the concrete slides of both sizes. He really enjoyed the Tonka trucks in the sand. And then he found the extra large building blocks. He had so much fun that he didn’t even want to take an afternoon nap.

But also yesterday I realized that my son started picking his nose. Oh dear!

And it has continued today. He doesn’t even have crusty nose but a running nose and his finger just keeps going up. Guess every child learns how to pick their nose at some time.\

Braved the Paint

So I found this super cute idea on Pinterest that I wanted for my little man’s bathroom décor. We choose firetrucks for his bathroom décor and one wall needed something and this idea looked perfect.

The only draw back was it involved paints and little man’s feet.

I don’t love messes and have avoided paint with my son because that sounded like too much. But since I let him feed himself yogurt the other day I decided to brave the paint with little man.

Yogurt is much messier then paint!

I chose to do the feet in paint outside so it didn’t make a mess in the house. Outside should just spray off easily if it was a huge mess. So I laid paper down and got the paint and canvas ready.

Paint and Paper all Set


Then I rolled the paint on little man’s foot. And it wasn’t a complete mess!

My son just got a bit of paint on him and his shirt. Nothing big. He wasn’t really a fan of it. I don’t think he liked the feeling of the paint on his feet. My son hasn’t become one of those messy muddy little boys yet. And that is fine with me.

All I needed was three foot prints for this project and I got them.

Three little footprints


Then that evening after bedtime for my little man I added the details to make them look adorable.



I am so shocked how cute the turned out. Not only did I get great décor but I also got a memory of my son’s foot prints at fourteen months old.

All framed and hung up!

I just used acrylic paint for the detail and the foot prints. I got a roller to put the paint on his feet. Then I had three canvas and three frames. Very simple but cute.



What Do I Really Want?

What do I really want?

Have you asked yourself that? Chances are that you have and you will continue to all your life.

Yesterday during my son’s super long nap that thought got me thinking.


Because I struggle with what I think I should want, what society says I should want, and what I really want. Do you know what I am talking about?

It started with me not feeling productive enough because I was just sitting cross stitching watching my show. I don’t turn on tv while my son is up so I think I was feeling guilty that I was watching so much in one day. I was sitting and I felt guilty that I should be busy doing something but doing what?

Wasn’t I being creative? Wasn’t I being productive with my cross stitch? Wasn’t I doing what I really wanted to?

The answer was yes to all of those.

So what was the problem?

I was feeling guilty that I didn’t have a million things on my to do list as a mom and that I didn’t want to workout constantly. Both those thoughts come from either things I think are better or things that I have heard from blogs, news, tv, etc that are better.

But here is my reality.

I am never going to be that super fit mom. I am never going to be the mom that wakes up at 5am to get her exercise on. I am never going to be that mom that workouts everyday twice a week to look like the Tone It Up girls.


I don’t love exercise that much. I have always thought that being an exercise instructor looked fun but in reality I am not that person. I like taking classes and I like lifting weights some. I am completely my couch to 5K and hopefully then run 5Ks on a regular basis. I walk about twice a day with my son, dog, and husband. I am planning on swimming laps about twice a week and I am doing Pilates or stretching a few times a week at home.

Now writing that out sounds like a lot but when you look at true super fit people that isn’t anything. But it keeps me healthy and able to take care of my home. It gives me the ability to lift and carry my 14 month old. It gives me the ability to chase and play with my son. And it does make me feel good.

Then I am not a good dieter! I want to make it more of a lifestyle change but I am never going to be the clean, green, protein girl. I am never going to be the dairy free, sugar free, gluten free girl. I am never going to be the 100% healthy eating girl.


I don’t love that. I want to live life and enjoy baking yummy delicious cakes, pies, cookies. I want to enjoy delicious waffles, pancakes, French toast. I want to eat healthy the majority of the time but enjoy life with food. That means sugar, dairy, none clean eating. It means choosing what I want to eat. Goal is overall to be healthy.

Lastly, I am not going to be that super organized mom. I am not going to be the house must be spotless from top to bottom before I sit down. I am not going to be the everything has a spot mom. I am not going to be the always on the go mom.


Because I like my time. I like my crafts. I like to cross stitch, quilt, sew, and make things with my hands. Those things are what makes my house my home. It isn’t ever going to be how clean the house is or how much I have done in a day. It is my hands making loving items for my home, my friends, my family.

I feel a little bad admitting that when I think back how much work they had to do in the prairie days and much longer ago. But then I realized those moms got to sew and quilt because of necessity but I believe that was also their crafty and me time. It was time to sit down and be creative. My life is easier but I still need crafty time.

So what I really wanted yesterday was to just sit in front of the tv cross stitching. I find it relaxing and creative. I have a goal to finish my project and then I will find something else. I don’t neglect what really needs to be done but I realized I just have to be happy being me and not being someone else because of pressure or guilt.

What do you really want?


A Day of Rest

So yesterday I took a break from this blog because I wanted a day of rest.

Now my day of rest doesn’t mean doing nothing but more focused on what might give me more rest over the day. It also helped that my son took two almost two hour naps.

So I had four hours to do whatever I wanted. This did include laundry, showering, exercising, dishes and the normal chores. But I also chose not to play on my phone or jump on my computer but to sit and color. Then I cross stitched while I watched my shows and I also read my Food Network Magazine outside enjoying the sun.

In essence, I got to do things that were creative, rejuvenating and totally me!

What do you do on your day of rest?

My Little Man

This past weekend bought great moments in the life of my little man.

First he pointed to his belly when I asked where it was while he was taking a bath. It super surprised me because I didn’t realize he knew that. He had pointed to his nose before but I knew he liked my nose while nursing so I figured that. Guess all those body part books are working.

Then I made a Shutterfly photo book of his first year and we were looking at it the other day. He had a few pictures of him sticking his tongue out and whenever he saw it he would stick his tongue out. He even stuck it out when he saw a picture of our old dog Samson sticking his tongue out. Too adorable.

And my little man is very industrious. He likes to choose his own snacks and can reach the proper shelf in the pantry all by himself. Yesterday he didn’t like the gold fish I gave him so he went back in and pulled down his rice cakes. He is very opinionate and doer.



For the Love of Toilet Paper

Today’s story is brought to you by whatever brand of toilet paper you use.

I saw plenty of pictures before having my little man of toddlers enjoying toilet paper. I have caught my little man pulling off little pieces of toilet paper before but today was much more.

We were skyping with my parents because my little man had pointed to the tv when I asked where grandma was. I had been showing him a picture of him and grandma but he knew that usually we see grandma on the tv. Therefore I called my mom and asked her to skype with me.

My little man was having fun on his bouncy dragon and being his happy self. My parents and I got talking so my little man waddled off. Next thing I heard the toilet lid. It sounded like it could be opening and closing. My toddler has yet to really play in the toilet but I went to check it out.

He wasn’t playing in the toilet he was pounding the lid while he had unrolled about half of the toilet paper. There was a pile at the foot of the stairs with one long string headed into the bathroom where he had a whole pile on each side of him of toilet paper. It was quite the site!

I laughed because it was funny and my fault for leaving the door open. I told him no and picked him up. We went back to skyping with grandparents for a short time.

A little sad that I didn’t get a photo but I didn’t have my phone on me. I will just have the memory of my little man’s first toilet paper stash!