A Treat for my Love

I am on a trip with my son visiting family. But before I left I made a sweet treat for my love.

I made chocolate dipped strawberries.

Such an easy but special treat to leave behind.

First step is to rinse your berries and then let them completely air dry. Here in California it only takes about an hour. I rinsed them then took off to do laundry and put my son down for his nap.

Drying strawberries

Next you must melt the chocolate. You can use whatever kind you want. I chose Nestle Semisweet Chocolate chips with a bit of vanilla infused olive oil. You can melt in the microwave or over the stove with a double boiler. I went with the later choice. I put a bit of water in the pan and then placed my double boiler on top then stirred the chocolate until it melted.

Leftover chocolate in my double boiler

Then I took poured the chocolate into a 1 cup prep bowl so it was easy to dunk the strawberries in. I dipped each strawberry individually and made sure to get it up as high as possible. Then I placed each strawberry on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Once I was done into the fridge to cool completely.

Cooling strawberries

Once they are cooled you can transfer them to a different plate or leave on the cookie sheet until devoured. Just make sure to keep them in the fridge until consumed.

I love chocolate dipped strawberries because the warm chocolate and sitting in the fridge wrapped in chocolate allows the strawberries to get really juicy. It is a great sweet treat or a good trick to make bad strawberries wonderful.


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