Breastfeeding Generation

So this past week David has been terribly underfoot in the kitchen.

He has for months enjoyed playing in the kitchen while I prep meals but this week he became underfoot. This is due to he doesn’t play but he beats on the fridge or sits and cries while I cook. He wants his meals right then.

So I have been trying to be proactive and start cooking early so I can have dinner ready when he is hungry. This means he will be playing happily outside or in the living room so I go to the kitchen area to start dinner. He quickly follows and just melts down.

So I have come to realize he just wants food anytime I am in the kitchen. I am pretty sure he could eat 24/7 if I allowed him to.

And just the other day I was talking to my mom about how insistent he was on getting food. She replied, “it is the microwave generation.” I laughed and paused and said, “nope, he is the breastfeeding generation. That is faster then the microwave.” She laughed at that.

So I don’t have the microwave generation to appease but the breastfeeding generation.

I know he will grow out of that generation but for the moment he is longing for solid food as quickly and as on demand as breastfeeding was.

Too bad to tell the little fellow it will never be that fast or easily gotten again.




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