Longest Day Ever

I have felt today is the longest day ever and my son isn’t even in bed yet! Have you felt that way? I am sure all mothers have and I am sure I will feel this way again.

So my son ended up with the flu on Wednesday after our trip. It was a fever, bad cough, and mucus. This made for one sleepy baby on Wednesday then a sick baby on Thursday. Then today was grumpy baby.

The fever broke over night so he is getting better but still feeling not so great. The main sign is he is grumpy about 90% of the day. This makes for a long day trying to figure out what he wants. He is being extra picky on food, books, games, etc. He also only napped for an hour each time and really fought the morning nap.

Oh and he woke up at 6am. Ugh. I know I am blessed to have a late baby usually but an hour and half earlier then normal really makes for a long day. I am exhausted. Ready to just do nothing but sit on the couch.

So today to keep my son semi happy we went on two long long walks. I tried singing, playing, feeding, etc. But just had to accept a grumpy baby.

I am praying he feels better and I get my sweet happy little man back. Then I will be back functioning so I can journal about our trip.


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