My Little Talker

These past two days, although long, have been exciting too. Yes, my son is still kind of sick. He was happier today then yesterday but he is becoming my little talker!

He has been gabbering for months. He loves to talk to my husband and me. He acts like we should know what he is saying.

But yesterday he gained a new word and today he put a short sentence together. So shocked! And proud!

Yesterday while reading Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks book he pointed and said car. It sounded more like “ca” but you can see where he was definitely trying to say car. Then he went to play and I asked him with the car was. And he looked around and picked up his Duplo police car and said “ca”. It was so adorable and cute.

Then today he said, “go ca.” It was so cute. I am very happy to hear him actually making words sounds and putting things together.

My husband said he heard David said “go walk” this afternoon too. I just love seeing how my son develops. It is a joy.

What was your child’s first sentence?




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