Missing PNW

We have been officially here in Southern California for two months. We only have two unpacked boxes (they are technically my husband’s so not my job to unpack). Enjoying our new home, exploring the many neighborhood parks, taking walks, and learning our surroundings. We love the weather even though the past three days have been overcast and rainy we still got out for two walks each day.

But with all the adventures here I am missing my Pacific Northwest home today. I am surprised by a few of the things that I am missing too.

First, my dog, Samson, has been on my mind a lot this week. We gave him to a rescue just days before we moved away and I have been thinking about who adopted him. We did finally hear that he got adopted after having some training but we don’t know who. So

Sammy enjoying the summer in Redmond

that made me think of how much I did enjoy his insistent paw shakes, the licking the dishes, the snuggles in the evening, the many walks we went on, and his howling along with sirens. He had to go and my life has been easier without him but that doesn’t make me miss him any less.


He was my puppy and I had him for 6 years. I loved his exuberant energy as a puppy. He was a crazy mix of Catahoula and Labrador. But he wasn’t a kid friendly dog. Maybe once all my children grow up I will get another Catahoula because they are great dogs but for now I will cherish my memories of Samson.

Second, I miss my home church in Bellevue. We have been trying to find a new church but haven’t quite felt we have found the one God is calling us to which just makes Sunday morning really hard. I miss having a ABF (basically Sunday School) to go to every week where we knew the other couples and they knew us. I miss walking David to the nursery where the workers knew him by name and his schedule. I miss during that walk seeing so many friendly faces, saying hi, and catching up. I miss the leadership of the church that cared for the body of Christ. I miss leading my MOPs table and my ladies Bible study group. I miss being plugged in and knowing where to serve and how.

Third, I miss our old house. My husband and I were looking throw photos on the computer yesterday when I realized I miss a few things about the old place even though our new place works much better for our family. But I miss the one story of it and how large our great room was. It gave my little man so much space to play and crawl around in. I miss our kitchen in small ways such as the dishwasher and drawers because my little man created memories learning how to unload the dishes. Then our front load washer is missed

Our Little Man’s First Nursery

because now my little man can’t help transfer clothes. He only plays in our dryer. And lastly, I miss my little man’s first nursery. There was such a feeling that I haven’t felt in our new room yet. It is probably because I spent so much more time in there nursing him to sleep and throughout the night.


Fourth, I miss our pediatrician. Since my little man was sick we had to visit the one we choose based on our insurance and online reviews again. Sadly, I really don’t like them and I don’t like the prospect of going to a new one with all the paperwork that goes into switching. But I most likely will be switching.

And lastly, I miss the parks, stores, and places we visited all the time which made up our schedule and included our friends. Having just one thing that is on my schedule each week is odd and getting old. I miss having a normal routine of what to do. I guess I am a good creature of habit.

Overall, I am missing my friends that really knew me, that friendship that can only come in time and by doing life together. I miss the familiarity of knowing and being known. I know in time all that will happen down here. For now I just have to cherish my memories and keep in touch with old friends.

Enjoying a vacation in Friday Harbor

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