Exploring Omaha – The Zoo

Two weeks ago we went to visit my sister who lives in Omaha. She was defending her PhD dissertation and we went to support her. She did wonderful and was very knowledgeable on her clinical study and research. We are very proud of her.

The day after her defense we headed to the Henry Doorly Zoo which is one of the topped rated zoos in America. I have been to the Henry Doorly Zoo 8 years ago while I was living in Omaha doing an internship with the College World Series of Omaha, Inc. It was good then but has been expanded and in the process of expanding.

My little man loved the zoo and watching everything all though this meant we were there for almost 8 hours with zero naps. In those 8 hours we got to walk the whole zoo and see everything.

The first place we visited was the rainforest exhibit which might have been on of my little man’s favorite because he loves plants. We call him our little horticulturalist at the moment because he points out all flowers and touches any leaf, bush or tree he can. So he probably paid more attention to the plants then he did the animals. He got to see the rainforest from aunt’s arms, grandpa’s arms, and grandma’s arms. He enjoyed having so many helpers show him around.

Rainforest Exhibit


After that exhibit, he looked like he might be getting a bit tired so I put him in our jogging stroller the lays back to see if he would sleep. But on the way to the next exhibit, the Desert Dome, my mom noticed that his blanket was wet and pulled it off. It was very wet because he had hit the spot of his Camelbak water bottle out so it was leaking all over. I didn’t realize the extent that he soaked himself until we made it to the Desert Dome. His whole seat of the stroller was wet and so was his clothes. It was cold in Omaha so he couldn’t stay wet so I stripped him down and laid his clothes over the stroller to walk through the Desert Dome to see if everything would dry. This meant he enjoyed the desert in only his diaper.

Enjoying the Desert Dome with no outfit


After that exhibit, we went to have lunch at King Kong because we were all hungry. It was the perfect size to help fill us for the rest of our visit.

My favorite spot in the zoo was during the afternoon at the cat complex. I have never seen lions, tigers, and jaguars so active. My little man loved watching them walk back and forth. I could see his head follow them from one side of their pen and back. It was so much fun seeing them move.

Loving the active Siberian Tiger


The other two animals that made me laugh when watching them was the monkeys and the penguins. One of the  monkeys were just sun bathing on top of a burlap cloth. It reminded me of seeing some just passed out on the towel.

Monkey Sunbathing

Then the penguins were so active. They were swimming, diving, and slipping. The cutest thing was one of the penguins slipped while walking down from a rock right on his back and he couldn’t get turned over for a whole minute. It made you laugh out loud.


Even though the full day at the zoo meant no nap for my little man it was a wonderful time. I was exhausted after all that walking and no mommy break due to no nap. And look forward to possibly going back after all the new habitats and expansions are done because it will be even better. If you are ever near Omaha go visit the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Loved his new Orangutan animal

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