Exploring Omaha – Food & Trains

In our trip to Omaha we couldn’t handle another long and busy day like the zoo. So we took it easy the rest of the days there and enjoyed the food and trains.

Omaha is where the first rail was laid for the Union Pacific Railroad therefore in Omaha you should see a few trains. We actually only saw the engines

but there are two sitting on a hill overlooking the Missouri River near the highway. We took a quick trip to see the Union Pacific Big Boy and #4203. You definitely feel small walking around those huge engines. It was fun reading about the Union Pacific, seeing the engines and enjoying the view of the river. It was the right amount of site seeing on that day.

The rest of the time was spent enjoying the food in Omaha. Omaha has some great restaurants.

We enjoyed lunch at Upstream. My little man got the delicious mac n cheese which he ate all of it. I then enjoyed their fish and chips. It was a great start to our food tour of Omaha.

Finishing up lunch at Upstream


Then we enjoyed some of the best hamburgers at Stella’s. We did have to wait almost an hour to get inside since it is a small joint but worth the wait. My little man did pretty well with waiting. He enjoyed the corn dogs and applesauce. I got a bacon burger with sweet potato fries. It was a very filling meal.

Keeping my son entertained at Stella’s


One of my favorite foods we enjoyed were cinnamon rolls from the Farmhouse Café. We just took them to go for breakfast which mean they gave us a tray of 6 and a whole container of icing. We had plenty of icing leftover and still put more then enough on each of our rolls. I remember those rolls from when I lived in Omaha.

Sunday dinner was at Dickey’s BBQ. It is a chain restaurant but very good and a great price. My little man enjoyed some of the brisket and pulled pork with mac and cheese. While my favorite from the pulled pork I also tried the brisket and chicken with green beans and loaded potato casserole. I haven’t bbq in awhile.

Then lastly we enjoyed Jonas Bro’s cupcake and took a lunch to go to the airport. The cupcakes were delicious. I got their caramel vanilla cupcake but got to taste my sister’s sweet and salty and my mom’s german chocolate. My son definitely enjoyed trying everyone’s cupcakes. He might have gotten just a bit too much sugar on this trip but that happens when you are the only grandchild and nephew. Our lunch to go was perfect. It was a grilled cheese for my son with fruit and I got a chicken salad sandwich with house made chips.

It was a very good food tour of Omaha.

Getting cleaned up after cupcakes

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