The Start of My Day

My day started earlier then normal.

For whatever reason, unknown to me, my son started making noise at 6:15am this morning. That is a whole hour earlier than normal and I was still sound asleep. Usually I am slowly waking up well before my son starts moving. He was still laying down so I let him go until he was standing up in his crib and acted like he wanted out.

He was hungry, which might have been why he was up. We skipped the morning nursing session because he didn’t want it and I am trying to wean. So we headed downstairs for his banana and the start of our day.

During the process of making eggs for my son our Beagle came to down and wanted out. So I let him outside. While I was getting breakfast for myself I noticed that my dog pooped on the patio, not the dirt. So I made a mental note that I or my husband needed to clean it up.

That is all I did, filed it away, in my mommy brain. My mommy brain!

The dog came in and my son finished up his meal. I wiped down his fast and hands then let him go play. Well, since the dog had already been the backyard my son wanted to go out and I can see him from the sink so as normal I let him open the screen door to go out.

By this time, my dog had gone back to bed upstairs with my husband, so he was completely out of my mind.

I started cleaning up and kept checking my son outside. He had new toys that we got yesterday that he was enjoying specifically a First Tike baseball set. The bat is a little heavy for him to swing it but he likes putting the balls on the stand. This morning I noticed him trying to balance the bat on the stand. So cute, I thought to myself. I love how my son’s mind works.

New Tike Baseball Toy


I went back to the kitchen and taking care of the house.

Next thing, I look up and my son has hands on the ground and is playing with something. That is when I realized I hadn’t cleaned up the dog’s poop!

Yep, he had stepped right in the poop, bare foot and all. It had caused him to trip, landing then with his hand in the poop.

My first incident with a toddler and dog poop.

I quickly scooped him up and thought bath!

Then as I was taking him upstairs I thought that is too much work I will just give him a shower. So straight into the master bathroom we went. I started stripping him down and placed him in the shower which he thought was all exciting. He always is banging the shower door because he sees my husband and I take showers.

He stayed so excited until I turned on the shower. He immediately started crying but I grabbed a washcloth and took the shower head off to help spray his foot and hand. He did calm down once I picked him up and we finished our shower.

Luckily, my husband was still home and in bed so he could grab our son’s towel and take him out of the shower while I finished up. At least I got my shower for the day out of the way.

My start of the day didn’t only happen early it included poop, toddler, and shower and all of that before 8am. And I learned I really shouldn’t trust my mommy brain. I should act on things right away.

How was your morning?


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