For the Love of Toilet Paper

Today’s story is brought to you by whatever brand of toilet paper you use.

I saw plenty of pictures before having my little man of toddlers enjoying toilet paper. I have caught my little man pulling off little pieces of toilet paper before but today was much more.

We were skyping with my parents because my little man had pointed to the tv when I asked where grandma was. I had been showing him a picture of him and grandma but he knew that usually we see grandma on the tv. Therefore I called my mom and asked her to skype with me.

My little man was having fun on his bouncy dragon and being his happy self. My parents and I got talking so my little man waddled off. Next thing I heard the toilet lid. It sounded like it could be opening and closing. My toddler has yet to really play in the toilet but I went to check it out.

He wasn’t playing in the toilet he was pounding the lid while he had unrolled about half of the toilet paper. There was a pile at the foot of the stairs with one long string headed into the bathroom where he had a whole pile on each side of him of toilet paper. It was quite the site!

I laughed because it was funny and my fault for leaving the door open. I told him no and picked him up. We went back to skyping with grandparents for a short time.

A little sad that I didn’t get a photo but I didn’t have my phone on me. I will just have the memory of my little man’s first toilet paper stash!


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