My Little Man

This past weekend bought great moments in the life of my little man.

First he pointed to his belly when I asked where it was while he was taking a bath. It super surprised me because I didn’t realize he knew that. He had pointed to his nose before but I knew he liked my nose while nursing so I figured that. Guess all those body part books are working.

Then I made a Shutterfly photo book of his first year and we were looking at it the other day. He had a few pictures of him sticking his tongue out and whenever he saw it he would stick his tongue out. He even stuck it out when he saw a picture of our old dog Samson sticking his tongue out. Too adorable.

And my little man is very industrious. He likes to choose his own snacks and can reach the proper shelf in the pantry all by himself. Yesterday he didn’t like the gold fish I gave him so he went back in and pulled down his rice cakes. He is very opinionate and doer.




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