Braved the Paint

So I found this super cute idea on Pinterest that I wanted for my little man’s bathroom décor. We choose firetrucks for his bathroom décor and one wall needed something and this idea looked perfect.

The only draw back was it involved paints and little man’s feet.

I don’t love messes and have avoided paint with my son because that sounded like too much. But since I let him feed himself yogurt the other day I decided to brave the paint with little man.

Yogurt is much messier then paint!

I chose to do the feet in paint outside so it didn’t make a mess in the house. Outside should just spray off easily if it was a huge mess. So I laid paper down and got the paint and canvas ready.

Paint and Paper all Set


Then I rolled the paint on little man’s foot. And it wasn’t a complete mess!

My son just got a bit of paint on him and his shirt. Nothing big. He wasn’t really a fan of it. I don’t think he liked the feeling of the paint on his feet. My son hasn’t become one of those messy muddy little boys yet. And that is fine with me.

All I needed was three foot prints for this project and I got them.

Three little footprints


Then that evening after bedtime for my little man I added the details to make them look adorable.



I am so shocked how cute the turned out. Not only did I get great décor but I also got a memory of my son’s foot prints at fourteen months old.

All framed and hung up!

I just used acrylic paint for the detail and the foot prints. I got a roller to put the paint on his feet. Then I had three canvas and three frames. Very simple but cute.




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