My Little Traveler

I am so proud of my little traveler!

He has been great on planes since he was 5 weeks old and has traveled on one monthly since then. I can’t believe that I have traveled more often with a baby then I did before and it has been successful.

But this weekend we drove for the first time in almost a year. I figured a 4 month old would be easier to travel with then a 15 month old but at least on this trip I was wrong.

It was so easy driving the 6 hours. We left right around 6 and he looked out the window for the first 45 minutes then he slept for the rest of the ride. He only fussed just a little twice and both times all it took was a comforting voice telling him it was ok and to go back to sleep. We also only stopped once about halfway.

And then once we got to our destination he transferred to bed with just a little fussing again. I sat with him and sang to him for a few minutes and back to sleep he went.

I am blessed with a good traveler.


House Bound

So the last two hours before my husband came home today just dragged by. It seemed like the time stood still and I was totally not paying attention to my little man. As I was eating dinner I was trying to figure out my attitude when I realized what it was.

I had been house bound for almost three days straight. The past two days due to my husband accidentally stealing my keys. That especially hit me today as I had an appointment at 8:45am that I had to cancel at the last minute because I couldn’t find any car keys.


It was additionally irritating because I had rushed David and myself to get ready and get out of the house. I really like more leisurely mornings.

Then I tried to think of something to do tonight to give me my mommy time and nothing came to mind because I didn’t want to spend money. And oh I had walked to pick up two cupcakes for my husband and he surprised me by bringing two home from work. So I can’t even go get a small sweet treat away by myself.

What do you do when you don’t have any where to go and don’t want to enter a store because you will most likely buy what you don’t need? Sometimes it is hard as a mom to figure it out.

My decision is I am going to watch a girly movie. Take a break from my shows and watch something I want. This might be ok for now even though it is still house bound.

Have you ever gotten stuck at home with a little one for too long?

15 Months

Today my little man turned 15 months! Wow!

He is growing up so fast. He learns a new word almost daily. He loves walking, the park, his dog, reading, and bath time (usually).

But today was rough. His doctor appointment was at 12:30 which was right in the middle of nap time if he chose to only take one which is what happened. It is hard to plan things when every day is different. Sometimes two naps and sometimes one.

So my little man fell asleep on our way to the doctors so he got a quick half hour nap. But that caused him not to fall asleep at 2:45 when I tried to get him to take a second nap. And after that attempt the rest of the evening was rough.

It was so rough my little man was passed out by 6:15pm after only a quick minute and half bath.

The shots he got were causing some pain. The pain was so much that he didn’t even want to stand or walk. He preferred to sit and be carried. This made making dinner difficult and keeping him entertained until even 6 hard.

He has been peacefully sleeping since 6:15. He also was an angel going to sleep while I rocked him so there was moments that I get to treasure in there.

So happy to be holding my little 15 month old.


I have no worry about my son learning to read or even enjoying books for the near future. I believe we read for about 15 minutes at least 6 times a day.

He will pick up a book and say read? I love it!

That is wonderful except I am pretty sure I have 4-6 books almost memorized because it is usually the same few books with an occasional new one thrown in.

I am so glad he loves to read and I can see his vocabulary expanding almost weekly.

Here are his top favorite books right now:

  • Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • In the Night Kitchen
  • How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?
  • Are You My Mother?
  • No, David!
  • Llama Llama Four Book Collection

What is your children’s favorite book? Any recommendations that you think are great additions to the home collection?

I will try to do a few book reviews of his favorite but this is short and sweet today.



The other night I went to clean up the toys outside and found this.


I was very impressed with his ability and correlation. It is fun to see how he is learning every day.

Let Him Be Little

Yesterday I let him be little by eating lunch outside on his picnic table. Lunch included yogurt which he fed himself. This left a beautiful mess that Dylan helped clean up. He didn’t mind the mess and enjoyed himself.


Date Night

This past Wednesday night my husband and I got a date night.

We haven’t had an official date night for a long time. And I have to give it to my husband that this one was probably a bit awkward but I am so glad he took me to it.

We got last minute tickets to see the Pump and Dump Comedy Tour at the Irvine Improv. It was a sold out event. It is a night of laughs from mothers of all kinds. And it proved to be just that.

I met my husband down at Irvine Spectrum after feeding our son and getting him set up with his babysitter. My son loved our babysitter and he even went to sleep for her. I am sure we will be using her again.

Once seated inside the Improv, we ordered drinks and our food. It was fun just talking and sitting there before the show. But it was a show with only three males in the entire room of over 500 ladies. So I applaud my husband for going with me.

The show is by two mothers from Colorado. One has written songs, they have jokes, stories, and audience participation. Whatever type of mother you are you will laugh. They do use crude language at times but it was over offensive. And both my husband and I got some good belly laughs.

They only have two more shows for this year but I would highly recommend going to their website and checking out when they announce their tour dates for next year. Any mother will enjoy a night out with friends while laughing.