My husband and I took our first weekend away from our little man this past weekend. I intended to write about it yesterday but the day became survival mode. And not because of a crazy toddler.

Yesterday I got up feeling wonderful. Got breakfast together and the house dressed and ready to go. Then I took off with little man in the stroller for my C25K. I am on week 5 of that and going strong.

I completed my two sets of 8 minutes run and headed to the park to let my son run around. I am amazed what can happen in two days away from a toddler.

I think my little man is running and he went every where on the playground all by himself. He went to the high slide over a shaky bridge and then turned around to slide down on his tummy all by himself. And went up the other stairs for the middle slide. He also wandered over to the basketball courts and the flowers. I am amazed at how adventurous he is getting.

He finally wanted to come home and we started our walk back. That is when I noticed fuzzy vision happening. I almost instantly knew it was a start of a migraine. I thought it was good I was headed home so I could take water and advil to cut it short.

Well if I cut it short I would hate to see what it could have been.

I struggled through two hours of watching my son and feeding him until his nap time when I finally collapsed in bed to close my eyes and hopefully get over the migraine. Amazingly I got two hours of sleep but when I woke up I had a splitting headache that didn’t go away.

My amazing husband came home around 3ish and I pulled myself up to bed to sleep it off again. The migraine finally went away by 5pm.

7 hours after it had started.

I would rather have had the flu or cold because then I could lay and watch my son instead of just want to be in the dark with my eyes closed. Have you ever tried to watch a toddler with your eyes closed?

It isn’t easy.

These migraines have been happening about once a month starting back in October when I had a few back to back. They seem to sink up with hormonal changes in my body. So I am not sure how much I can do to stop them except get pregnant again which is not in my control of when that happens.

I pray that the migraines go away on their own because it is hard to be a mother when you can’t physically see your child.




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