Life is so Full

Last night I got the opportunity to go in and snuggle my little man after bedtime. Yes, I saw it as an opportunity!

We have officially weaned since my husband and I went on our anniversary weekend trip. It is nice to be done but I miss my snuggle time and the relationship that nursing had become.

But weaning means my husband takes over at bath time and does the whole bedtime routine by himself. I enjoy the time by myself now. It is a small time to relax after watching my son all day.

So last night my little man laid down perfectly fine for daddy but started to roll around. He usually then just falls asleep on his own but not last night. He started crying. My husband went in and rubbed his back quickly which quieted him down. But he got worked up again.

So I decided to go in to calm him. I picked him up and instantly he laid his head down on my shoulder. I sat in the rocking chair just holding my son. I was so happy and felt I could stay there all night.

It was so peaceful in the dark room just rocking and praying over my son. He was nestled in and I could feel his breathing and smell him.

It hit me then that my life is so full. I have a wonderful gift in my husband. Then together we have an amazing blessing in our son. He is truly my blessing from God.

I have a desire to have more children but if God never sees fit to give me more blessing my life is full with the one he gave me. Last night I felt completely content with my life.

I love my little man. And enjoyed my rare night time snuggles with him.

This is more my normal view instead of snuggles.

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