Anniversary Weekend

On May 1st my husband and I have been married 5 years. Wow!

We have had quite an adventure with the biggest one happening in the past 14 months. I won’t want to be walking life by anyone other than my husband.

So to celebrate we spent our anniversary weekend in San Diego just the two of us. No child!

It was my first time away from my son for 48 hours. But I enjoyed it and missed my son. It did help to know my mom and dad were watching our little man so I didn’t have to worry about his care. The best part of the weekend overall was the lack of a little person needing attention even if it is just my ears listening to

At Crest Cafe

him while sleeping.


Since we live in Southern California now it was a quick drive to San Diego. We got settled in at the Hillcrest House in San Diego. It was the same exact room we stayed in for our first honeymoon. It was very relaxing.


After settling in we walked to Crest Café which was seen on Drive-inns, Diners and Dives (DDD). We went with the two items that were features there the Butter Burger and the Crème Brulee French Toast. Both were delicious. My husband couldn’t believe that Butter Burger was actually stuffed with herb butter. It was so moist. Not something I could have very seldom but a delicious treat.

We then spent some time shopping just the two of us. I loved shopping without having to chase a little one around. I could actually focus on what I wanted.

Then we headed down to Coronado Island for dinner at the Hotel Del Coronado followed by a gondola ride farther down on the island. It was so relaxing and smooth on the gondola. Our gondolier even sang us two songs while rowing the boat. It was a beautiful evening to be out on the water as well.

We ended the evening snuggling in bed at an early hour of 9am because being parents just rest was a getaway.

Saturday morning we started off with a massage on Coronado Island before heading over to the most scrumptious Mexican food restaurant I have had for a while. It is called El Indio and has been around for 70 years. It was also seen on DDD. So we tried the nachos and taquitos. We liked this place so much we picked it up on the way out of town on Sunday.

Then we headed over to the top zoo in the nation, The San Diego Zoo. We really enjoyed ourselves there and purchased a membership since it is an easy day trip for us to bring our little man with us. And we did picked up a stuff animal for him of a tiger. We have actually been picking up stuff animals for him since our first honeymoon.

And the weekend ended with a romantic evening at Truluck’s in La Jolla. We enjoyed delicious seafood with a Baked Alaska at the end. We dressed up and I wore my anniversary gift from my husband. But sadly by the end of the evening we hadn’t taken one picture of us dressed up. That is the story of my life. And it wasn’t worth it to redress once I was in bed and remembered!

So we got time away, time to rest, time to eat, time to talk, and time to be just us as a couple.

I was very happy to return to my little man and get a huge hug when coming inside. I was very glad to hear the report that he was a wonderful little boy all weekend.

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate 5 years.



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