Last Week

Last week my whole family came down with a 24 hour flu. I am so glad that my husband and I got it on different days which allowed us to still take care of our little man. I haven’t had the flu in 5 years and I hope that it doesn’t come back for another 5 years. It really took a lot out of me.

Both my son and I woke up on the same day sick so my husband stayed home and took care of us. He did an amazing job and I am glad I had him. He left to get some groceries and I had to take care of our son for half hour by myself while trying not to lose the contents of my stomach. I can say I am glad I didn’t have to do that all day. It was rough.

My son did sleep more then normal but when he wasn’t asleep he had more energy then I did. It is amazing how their little bodies can bounce back from not feeling well.

I was exhausted even the day after when I was feeling better but was still recovering. I am very glad for naps that I can catch some sleep so I can keep up with my toddler.

By the time I got better my husband went down.

But by Mother’s Day morning we all were feeling much better. We enjoyed time together as a family and meals were all prepared by someone else.

I hope to be back writing again because there is a few things I want to write before I forget. I like thinking this blog is here to help remember the cute stories that otherwise might be forgotten as my son gets older.


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