Sweet Spot

Parenting is hard. Especially first time parenting.

But I have to say that right now I feel like I hit a sweet spot with my son and I say it is easy.


That doesn’t mean it is always easy. We have an occasional day like being sick last week, or moments that he gets a little tantrum because he wanted what I took from him.

But he has a great personality. He likes letting me know what he wants but he also lets me lead the way. He grabs my hand if he wants to do something different to steer me there. He chooses his own snacks. He can climb up things on his own, sit in a chair by himself, and climb down without getting hurt.

My husband put it well tonight. He came out after putting him to bed and said, “it is like he (our son) has taken all the challenge out of going to bed.”

That kind of sums up our son right now. Not a challenge.

He likes his routine. He likes his days.

He rarely fights going to bed now. You rock him to sleep and he is out. And when he does fight it I love going in to soothe him. It is a precious time that I enjoy. And every night he sleeps 12 hours or more straight. He wakes up happy at first then cries to let us know he ready to get out.

He doesn’t even fight naps majority of the time. He does waver between one and two but usually whatever I determine he needs based on his behavior he is good with. I don’t even feel anxious or frustrated with the not knowing what the day will look like with naps because it isn’t a fight.

He loves to eat and can eat basically everything. He loves his bananas in the morning. He eats two snacks or more a day and three square meals. He doesn’t like to eat veggies but usually doesn’t fight any thing. And as I said earlier he chooses his snacks. He likes to carry a few around with him too.

He plays by himself well. He has a few toys in each room so he can play there. Some days the house is a hurricane mess while other days it is carefully chosen toys. He is very independent.

He enjoys being read to so much that he regularly brings books throughout the day. 20160418_225000500_iOS

He will help get ready for walks and playground time. And then is content on my runs. Then tires out on the playground meeting new friends daily.

He doesn’t fight going in the car. He is easy to run errands with. He just enjoys seeing and learning new things. Just yesterday I ran and out of a few stores and it was easy with him. I remember when I used to feel like one errand a day was all I could do with a child.

I don’t feel like I am struggling to understand him at all.

I get time to take care of the house while he is awake.

He totally makes we think I can have multiple more kids.

I am sure with an addition it won’t be so easy. I might not get to a sweet spot where I think it is easy. I hear mom’s of multiple kids talking about how hard it is. There was a blog post that talked about this stage of life being hard and I just didn’t feel like it applied to me.

I question myself at times because it isn’t hard. Am I forgetting something? What else do I need to be doing? Why do I think it is easy?

But I realized, it is just this age and time with my son. It is easy. I loving how interactive he is but still dependent on me.

Ask me in a year when he is nearing three and talking back and I will probably tell you differently. But for now this age and time is easy and I am loving it.



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