Art of Clumsiness

My husband says I am clumsy.

Admittedly, I am clumsy. Just the other night I went the bathroom which is up two steps. Then as I was coming out, I wasn’t rushing, I just slipped. My heel hit the edge and down I went. Hitting my right knee and my left shin on the steps and tiles. I also caught my pinky on my quilt rack which is right next to the steps. I was sprawled out on the floor. After that spill I just sat on the couch and did nothing the rest of the evening.

But the art of clumsiness this week goes to our Beagle, Dylan!

Yesterday afternoon he was trying to get my attention to let him out back to do his business. This involved hitting a bell on the glass sliding door. He was very insistent and wasn’t stopping. Well, that was because he had got his claw into one of the holes on the bell and was stuck. Yep! He was completely stuck.

Then I took him for a walk before dinner so that our babysitter yesterday didn’t have a crazy Dylan. I was doing an alternate route that didn’t go near the park so that my little man didn’t get upset when we didn’t stop. So instead of going straight at the corner like usual I chose to turn left.

Now, I was pushing our little man in our Graco Jogging Stroller so I turned him left and Dylan was lagging behind me sniffing at a scent. Next thing I know Dylan is full force, head first, into the side of the jogging stroller between the wheels. It felt like he almost pushed his head into the under baskets. He stepped back completely dazed.

I just giggle to myself every time I recall the story because it is so funny. This time it isn’t me!

Then the last clumsy episode was this evening walking with my husband and my son. My husband was walking Dylan when a dog started barking from one of the backyards. Dylan decided to bark back but right at that moment he ran head first into a tree. It was a skinny tree too. But just a bit clumsy.

I love Dylan but he is a special Beagle. A bit clumsy but very lovable.

Is your dog clumsy? Who is your house wins the art of clumsiness?



One thought on “Art of Clumsiness

  1. Right now it goes to Logan because he is right at the height for his eye to encounter door knobs and table corners. Things he clearly knows are there but he’s never encountered at this height before. Poor guy walks into door knobs somewhere in house almost daily! You never striked me as clumsy. Now Gwen on the other hand… Your dogs antics are quite funny though. Oh and I’m envying your reference to a babysitter 🙂 love ya!


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