Date Night

This past Wednesday night my husband and I got a date night.

We haven’t had an official date night for a long time. And I have to give it to my husband that this one was probably a bit awkward but I am so glad he took me to it.

We got last minute tickets to see the Pump and Dump Comedy Tour at the Irvine Improv. It was a sold out event. It is a night of laughs from mothers of all kinds. And it proved to be just that.

I met my husband down at Irvine Spectrum after feeding our son and getting him set up with his babysitter. My son loved our babysitter and he even went to sleep for her. I am sure we will be using her again.

Once seated inside the Improv, we ordered drinks and our food. It was fun just talking and sitting there before the show. But it was a show with only three males in the entire room of over 500 ladies. So I applaud my husband for going with me.

The show is by two mothers from Colorado. One has written songs, they have jokes, stories, and audience participation. Whatever type of mother you are you will laugh. They do use crude language at times but it was over offensive. And both my husband and I got some good belly laughs.

They only have two more shows for this year but I would highly recommend going to their website and checking out when they announce their tour dates for next year. Any mother will enjoy a night out with friends while laughing.



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