15 Months

Today my little man turned 15 months! Wow!

He is growing up so fast. He learns a new word almost daily. He loves walking, the park, his dog, reading, and bath time (usually).

But today was rough. His doctor appointment was at 12:30 which was right in the middle of nap time if he chose to only take one which is what happened. It is hard to plan things when every day is different. Sometimes two naps and sometimes one.

So my little man fell asleep on our way to the doctors so he got a quick half hour nap. But that caused him not to fall asleep at 2:45 when I tried to get him to take a second nap. And after that attempt the rest of the evening was rough.

It was so rough my little man was passed out by 6:15pm after only a quick minute and half bath.

The shots he got were causing some pain. The pain was so much that he didn’t even want to stand or walk. He preferred to sit and be carried. This made making dinner difficult and keeping him entertained until even 6 hard.

He has been peacefully sleeping since 6:15. He also was an angel going to sleep while I rocked him so there was moments that I get to treasure in there.

So happy to be holding my little 15 month old.


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