My Little Traveler

I am so proud of my little traveler!

He has been great on planes since he was 5 weeks old and has traveled on one monthly since then. I can’t believe that I have traveled more often with a baby then I did before and it has been successful.

But this weekend we drove for the first time in almost a year. I figured a 4 month old would be easier to travel with then a 15 month old but at least on this trip I was wrong.

It was so easy driving the 6 hours. We left right around 6 and he looked out the window for the first 45 minutes then he slept for the rest of the ride. He only fussed just a little twice and both times all it took was a comforting voice telling him it was ok and to go back to sleep. We also only stopped once about halfway.

And then once we got to our destination he transferred to bed with just a little fussing again. I sat with him and sang to him for a few minutes and back to sleep he went.

I am blessed with a good traveler.


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