So this past week my son has picked up on “ew”. But what is interesting is what he uses it for and that I have no clue how he connected.

My son uses “ew” now when he poops or pees. First time he used it was right before bath time and he peed on the floor because he had no diaper on. He ran away crying “ew, ew, ew.”

Not sure that is a good thing because my ultimate goal down the line is that he will use the toilet which is peeing out of his diaper and that isn’t “ew”.

Then a few days later he used “ew” when he pooped and got a bad diaper rash. I think that is appropriate but it surprised me that he correlated it.

Then just today he was climbing the stairs and stopped said “ew” then pointed to the front of his diaper. I am assuming he was peeing.

I think it is a good thing that he is realizing what he is doing but I worry that if he thinks it is gross he will have trouble with potty training.

Oh and I am not attempting or thinking of attempting to potty train yet. That is for later down the road. But for a sixteen month old he has surprised me with his awareness.

When did you child potty train? When he did first become aware of what he was doing?


Coming Soon…

We have some exciting news.

This news is the reason I actually haven’t been blogging too much. It is hard to write and not mention it so in the midst of my travel I just stopped writing.


Coming soon is a new addition to our house one with two little feet to run and to arms to hug.

The shirts I found for little man. It was hard getting big bro shirts in even a size close enough to what he is in.


I am expecting our second child in January 2017.

This has meant the last month has been exhausting between the first trimester and keeping up with an active toddler. I have been taking a nap whenever my little man is down which means less time to blog and less time to do “me” things but it helps me get through the day. If I don’t take a nap I end up getting short with David who usually isn’t doing anything that bad.

The pregnancy definitely made me miss my bed during our months of travel. This past week has been wonderful getting more rest then ever.

I look forward to another blessing in our home and now just navigating making our choice on midwives and finding the right chiropractor, massage therapist, etc that was all set before we moved.

Little man looks excited but he doesn’t really understand yet

16 Months Old Toddler

My little man is growing in to such a toddler.

He is officially 16 months old and just doesn’t stop growing.

Last night he was getting ready for his bath and step up his step stool all by himself and grabbed his toothbrush. And then stood there while my husband helped him brush his teeth. He also let one foot drift off of the step stool.

I just stood there and couldn’t believe how big he was.

Also, he is working everyday to put his Lego Duplos together. He does get frustrated if he can’t do it but he has been successful quite often.


And I can’t believe how fast his vocabulary is growing. He was running around the other night with his blanket saying peekaboo which sounds more like basketboo. But it is very clear still.

Even his babysitter the other day picked up words right away from him. His favorite words are basketball, go, more, no, book, duck, etc.

And I just love watching him walk because he does it with such confidence for such a little man. Even when he is trying to wear my shoes. He has even attempted to wear super high heels of mine and gotten made when it didn’t work.

He is so happy to be home but did enjoy traveling and see friends and family this past month. We went from Seattle to Arizona to Chicago. He was pretty good at sleeping and eating where ever we went.

He still eats very well but he is getting opinionate about what he wants each day. If it looks strange or odd he will refuse it and then at times he will decide he doesn’t want what I am serving. It is a new experience but I am learning how to work with his opinions.


Everyday there is a new moment that makes me stand back in wonder. He is growing so  fast and I am enjoying it.

So Sleepy

My little man was adorable today.

He had a babysitter while I went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. That meant he spent all morning playing and being super active. So when I got home I quickly made lunch before I was going to put him down for his nap.

He was eating his cottage cheese, quesadilla, and strawberries when I noticed his head drifting to the side with his eyes closing. Such a sleepy look.

Therefore, I told him that he was time for a nap and asked if he was all done.

He then waved his hands in all done before proceeding to pick up all his quesadilla triangles.

I laughed because he was so ready to take his lunch to bed with him.

I told him no and slowly got him to set down his lunch before taking him upstairs for his nap.

I still giggle remembering how he picked up his lunch to take with him.



I made it home last night.

Home… for three days.

Guess I will enjoy sleeping in my bed and my son sleeping in his for those three days.

I enjoyed watching my son pull out “his” toys and books. He liked the toys at grandma and grandpa’s houses but there is nothing like “his” toys.

He slept almost 13 hours in his own bed last night and then easily took a nap this afternoon which gave me a chance to take a nap as well.

These short days will be filled with laundry, cleaning, unpacking just to repack, booking last minute details and what not.

But I am home!

Fun in the Sun

This week we have spent the time in Arizona as it heats up to record highs. This means fun in the sun at 9am in the morning!

We went to the Riparian Preserve in my parents town today. My little man brought a paper bag full of a football, camelbak kids bottle, and three duckies that he carried around almost the whole time we were there. He is in love with ducks and balls.

He found the paintings of duck shadows on benches as we walked to see the live ducks. It took some time to convince him to keep going because he kept squatting and saying duck!

We finally got him over to the bridge and the pond where he was enthralled with the live ducks. He even pulled out his football to show them. But he just stood there pointing over and over again.

One of the precious moments was when a young group of children came by and he immediately went back into his paper bag for his football. He lifted it up and said “basketball” over and over as the group passed. He was ready to play but they all ignored him. Luckily he wasn’t even hurt because he didn’t realize they had ignored him.

Then before we left we took him up to a concrete snake structure that had shapes, colors and round half circles on it. I placed him on top so he could walk on it but he instantly wanted down so touch the half balls and kept saying “basketball”. (as I said yesterday he is obsessed with basketball).

After the preserve we headed to a splash pad to check it out. David wasn’t happy at all. He didn’t like the water shooting up from the ground. So we went and played in a small fountain. As we were finishing up to go he saw a little boy with a bag of grapes and wanted some. My son is always hungry. So my son started chasing the little boy. The little boy knew what he wanted so started teasing him while playing with another boy.

Well, my little man got right in the middle as the other boy picked up a cup of water and turned around and threw the water immediately. David got hit smack in the face with water and started crying right away. The boy looked so guilty and like he expected to get in trouble. I didn’t yell because it was a mistake. I just picked up David and went home.

And that was our adventure in the sun for the day.

Too Cute of Talker

My little man has been shocking me with what he is saying this week. AND he is too cute while speaking.

The first big shocker is that he can clearly say “basketball” and sometimes he even says “the basketball”. He is obsessed with basketball because near our house we have a playground with a basketball court nearby and he is enthralled with the big kids playing on it.

I will say that almost any ball is a basketball at this point even though he can just say ball.

That is his big three syllable word. He said “raspberry” once and is working on “peekaboo”.

The most adorable this he says is “more”. It is the way he says it. He purses his lips and forces the m out and says more. He was especially cute when he said that while running back and forth, to and from, grandpa the other day asking for ice cream. He reminded me of a little bird eating. Just melts my heart.

I tease my husband who will be away from my son for almost two weeks that when he comes back he will be speaking in full sentences.

Sorry for the sporadic posts but it is a busy June with traveling and keeping up with my fiftenmonth old.