Too Cute of Talker

My little man has been shocking me with what he is saying this week. AND he is too cute while speaking.

The first big shocker is that he can clearly say “basketball” and sometimes he even says “the basketball”. He is obsessed with basketball because near our house we have a playground with a basketball court nearby and he is enthralled with the big kids playing on it.

I will say that almost any ball is a basketball at this point even though he can just say ball.

That is his big three syllable word. He said “raspberry” once and is working on “peekaboo”.

The most adorable this he says is “more”. It is the way he says it. He purses his lips and forces the m out and says more. He was especially cute when he said that while running back and forth, to and from, grandpa the other day asking for ice cream. He reminded me of a little bird eating. Just melts my heart.

I tease my husband who will be away from my son for almost two weeks that when he comes back he will be speaking in full sentences.

Sorry for the sporadic posts but it is a busy June with traveling and keeping up with my fiftenmonth old.


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