Fun in the Sun

This week we have spent the time in Arizona as it heats up to record highs. This means fun in the sun at 9am in the morning!

We went to the Riparian Preserve in my parents town today. My little man brought a paper bag full of a football, camelbak kids bottle, and three duckies that he carried around almost the whole time we were there. He is in love with ducks and balls.

He found the paintings of duck shadows on benches as we walked to see the live ducks. It took some time to convince him to keep going because he kept squatting and saying duck!

We finally got him over to the bridge and the pond where he was enthralled with the live ducks. He even pulled out his football to show them. But he just stood there pointing over and over again.

One of the precious moments was when a young group of children came by and he immediately went back into his paper bag for his football. He lifted it up and said “basketball” over and over as the group passed. He was ready to play but they all ignored him. Luckily he wasn’t even hurt because he didn’t realize they had ignored him.

Then before we left we took him up to a concrete snake structure that had shapes, colors and round half circles on it. I placed him on top so he could walk on it but he instantly wanted down so touch the half balls and kept saying “basketball”. (as I said yesterday he is obsessed with basketball).

After the preserve we headed to a splash pad to check it out. David wasn’t happy at all. He didn’t like the water shooting up from the ground. So we went and played in a small fountain. As we were finishing up to go he saw a little boy with a bag of grapes and wanted some. My son is always hungry. So my son started chasing the little boy. The little boy knew what he wanted so started teasing him while playing with another boy.

Well, my little man got right in the middle as the other boy picked up a cup of water and turned around and threw the water immediately. David got hit smack in the face with water and started crying right away. The boy looked so guilty and like he expected to get in trouble. I didn’t yell because it was a mistake. I just picked up David and went home.

And that was our adventure in the sun for the day.


One thought on “Fun in the Sun

  1. where’s that boy that hurt my grandson, lol… sounds like he had fun at the riparian… would love to take him back there


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