So Sleepy

My little man was adorable today.

He had a babysitter while I went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. That meant he spent all morning playing and being super active. So when I got home I quickly made lunch before I was going to put him down for his nap.

He was eating his cottage cheese, quesadilla, and strawberries when I noticed his head drifting to the side with his eyes closing. Such a sleepy look.

Therefore, I told him that he was time for a nap and asked if he was all done.

He then waved his hands in all done before proceeding to pick up all his quesadilla triangles.

I laughed because he was so ready to take his lunch to bed with him.

I told him no and slowly got him to set down his lunch before taking him upstairs for his nap.

I still giggle remembering how he picked up his lunch to take with him.



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