16 Months Old Toddler

My little man is growing in to such a toddler.

He is officially 16 months old and just doesn’t stop growing.

Last night he was getting ready for his bath and step up his step stool all by himself and grabbed his toothbrush. And then stood there while my husband helped him brush his teeth. He also let one foot drift off of the step stool.

I just stood there and couldn’t believe how big he was.

Also, he is working everyday to put his Lego Duplos together. He does get frustrated if he can’t do it but he has been successful quite often.


And I can’t believe how fast his vocabulary is growing. He was running around the other night with his blanket saying peekaboo which sounds more like basketboo. But it is very clear still.

Even his babysitter the other day picked up words right away from him. His favorite words are basketball, go, more, no, book, duck, etc.

And I just love watching him walk because he does it with such confidence for such a little man. Even when he is trying to wear my shoes. He has even attempted to wear super high heels of mine and gotten made when it didn’t work.

He is so happy to be home but did enjoy traveling and see friends and family this past month. We went from Seattle to Arizona to Chicago. He was pretty good at sleeping and eating where ever we went.

He still eats very well but he is getting opinionate about what he wants each day. If it looks strange or odd he will refuse it and then at times he will decide he doesn’t want what I am serving. It is a new experience but I am learning how to work with his opinions.


Everyday there is a new moment that makes me stand back in wonder. He is growing so  fast and I am enjoying it.


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