Coming Soon…

We have some exciting news.

This news is the reason I actually haven’t been blogging too much. It is hard to write and not mention it so in the midst of my travel I just stopped writing.


Coming soon is a new addition to our house one with two little feet to run and to arms to hug.

The shirts I found for little man. It was hard getting big bro shirts in even a size close enough to what he is in.


I am expecting our second child in January 2017.

This has meant the last month has been exhausting between the first trimester and keeping up with an active toddler. I have been taking a nap whenever my little man is down which means less time to blog and less time to do “me” things but it helps me get through the day. If I don’t take a nap I end up getting short with David who usually isn’t doing anything that bad.

The pregnancy definitely made me miss my bed during our months of travel. This past week has been wonderful getting more rest then ever.

I look forward to another blessing in our home and now just navigating making our choice on midwives and finding the right chiropractor, massage therapist, etc that was all set before we moved.

Little man looks excited but he doesn’t really understand yet

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