So this past week my son has picked up on “ew”. But what is interesting is what he uses it for and that I have no clue how he connected.

My son uses “ew” now when he poops or pees. First time he used it was right before bath time and he peed on the floor because he had no diaper on. He ran away crying “ew, ew, ew.”

Not sure that is a good thing because my ultimate goal down the line is that he will use the toilet which is peeing out of his diaper and that isn’t “ew”.

Then a few days later he used “ew” when he pooped and got a bad diaper rash. I think that is appropriate but it surprised me that he correlated it.

Then just today he was climbing the stairs and stopped said “ew” then pointed to the front of his diaper. I am assuming he was peeing.

I think it is a good thing that he is realizing what he is doing but I worry that if he thinks it is gross he will have trouble with potty training.

Oh and I am not attempting or thinking of attempting to potty train yet. That is for later down the road. But for a sixteen month old he has surprised me with his awareness.

When did you child potty train? When he did first become aware of what he was doing?


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