My Toddler

This week I have been thinking about my toddler. And oh, how he is growing and changing. Most of the time it makes my heart swell with love and pride but then there are the times it makes my heart beat with worry.

My son is usually a cautious boy so I usually don’t have to worry too much. But my toddler has began to climb. And climb. And climb everything.

Just the other day I went to use the restroom and walked back to our living area to find my son dancing on our kitchen table with a spray bottle full of water in his mouth. He looked so content but my heart skipped because he could easily fall off and hit his head on our tile that cracks everything that falls on it.

He can also climb into his jogging stroller. We learned that after a walk and I left it in the front hall instead of the garage because I didn’t have an garage opener with me. Again he astounded me with that ability but gave me a heart attack because again he could fall on our tile or into my glass china cabinet.

Climbing into his stroller

Also, he knows how to climb onto my bed which usually is ok and cute. It has become one of his favorite reading spots. He can even get books up on the bed while climbing. But he also likes running from one side to the other which then I just picture him falling off the side. Ugh!


I have heard if a toddler is climbing by themselves they are less likely to fall because they know how much they can do. But I also know just one slip and he could hurt himself. And it is hard to keep up with a climbing toddler while doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen up, and being pregnant which equals more trips to the bathroom.

Reading on our bed


Things that my toddler does that makes my heart swell with love is that he gives me a goodnight huge and kiss every night before bath time. My husband takes care of bath and bedtime now so I say goodnight. It is just the sweetest thing for my son to run to me and give me a hug.

He also helps unload the silverware and puts in the drawer. It might be just a pile in the drawer but he is trying.

He loves reading and will tell us book, book, book when he wants it.

He knows what knocking is and will knock on closed doors while saying knock, knock.

He can brush his own teeth while on his step stool which he knows how to say step stool too.

He decides what shoes he wants to wear and sometimes even picks out his socks or clothes. Today I have him dress in shorts and he brought me over a pair of paints from his dresser that he wanted instead.

Getting the paper out for painting


And the top thing that I love seeing almost daily is he choosing what craft he wants to do. This is actually only between coloring or painting but he knows where each of those things are including the sponges to paint and he knows where to get the paper to do it. He will carry the paints out to his picnic table outside and then pull at our roll of paper to indicate what he wants to do. Then while I take the paper outside he will bring the sponges. Just too cute to see. Sadly though yesterday I didn’t pick up a crayon that he took outside and the sun melted it to the pavement. I get to figure out how to clean that up now. Oops.

Crayon melted on the cement


I love watching my son develop and grow. He has such a personality and loves making choices. I just hope I can teach him where not to climb before he hurts himself.

His most recent creation


What is your toddler doing?


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