Fall is in the Air

Just over a week ago I woke up to a beautiful Fall morning for Southern California. It was in the low 60s. My bedroom windows had been open all night. The room was cold. And I didn’t want to get out of bed. I just laid there for a minute. My little man didn’t let me do much more then that.

Then again today it was close to the feeling. Fall is in the air.

That is if I can ignore that it is predicted to be close to 100 this weekend. What? Off topic.

Also, at the beginning of this month my new friends here started texting about Starbucks PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte). Oh and how they had pulled their boots out. It was a bit surprising since it hadn’t felt like Fall and to those up north this probably wouldn’t ever feel like Fall. But for me it just made fall feel closer even if I have never had a PSL. My favorite drink of Starbucks is their peppermint mocha which I won’t order until Christmas time.

And my favorite part of Fall being in the air is all the activities starting back up. This week was the kick off of MOPs!!! I waited all summer for that to come back. And last week I started a new Bible Study at a different church. So this week felt more like Fall with activities and places to be.

I so look forward to falling into a routine and enjoy all that Fall has to offer. My little man needs a little encouragement to switch up our routine of daily morning park visits but in a couple weeks it will all be adjust hopefully. He is currently being laid to bed at 6:10pm because he only slept for 10 minutes on the ride home from Bible Study.

So my next step this week would be to pull out my fall decorations and make the house look more festive. Tomorrow should get me in the mood as I am going to a painting girl’s afternoon that includes a picture of pumpkins.

What makes you feel that Fall is in the air?wp_20131028_004-copy


Downside of the Middle

This week I didn’t get very good naps while my little slept which doesn’t help me be a better mom while pregnant. I don’t always fall asleep but I usually lay for an hour and half or so. I still usually feel rested even if I don’t sleep because I treasure the quietness of my house and just being still.

I don’t get to be still much with a toddler even when I try to sit down he has something to show me or want me to do. And quietness in our house when my little man is up usually isn’t good. I would rather hear his little voice or feet running around so I know where he is. But, oh, as a mom, I treasure the quiet.

Well to say the least it wasn’t quiet the last three days here.


The HOA decided it was the week to trim the trees.

I noticed our street started when I took David to the park to play and saw their progress as I returned. Sadly, doing the math in my head would indicated that the trimmer and the tree branch crusher (probably not correct name but a loud noise maker) would be at our house right at nap time. I hoped I was wrong.

Well, I wasn’t. I put my little man down and went to lay down and it was none stopped noise for the whole time. And to add to the noise our windows were all open because it was such a beautiful day.

That should have just been one day right?

Nope, they came behind us the next day and hit our area again.

We are a detached townhome that is smack in the middle of the street. So I got it in a back to back days.

Then today it was warmer so I closed my windows and thought they were down. But about 20 minutes into my nap the tree trimming noise started right back up. Ugh!!

Three days of no peace and quietness or nap. That wears on a pregnant mommy.

Plus side is it is Friday which means I can attempt to nap this weekend well. But I do have visitors coming for the weekend so I don’t expect much.

What do you treasure the most in your day?

We are having…

Yesterday we found out what gender the baby was that we are expecting in January. I went to the ultrasound myself so made delicious cupcakes that I was going to fill with the proper color of the gender to reveal it to my husband. And the results were…


A Girl!!!

My husband looked at me after eating it and asked if I was lying. He always jokes that because God loves him he will only have boys. But we are expecting our first daughter.

Now to pick out new colors to add to the nursery. Choose what baby quilt I will be making. And probably make a few dress and outfits for the little girl. She will most likely be dressed very girly with lace, frills, and skirts.

My little man will make a wonderful big brother. Looking forward to the new addition.



Sorry to be MIA for so long.

But I have been so unmotivated this pregnancy. Or the first half of this pregnancy. I am not the woman who is only sick for the first trimester. Nope! I am exhausted, nauseous and feeling nasty for almost 20 full weeks of pregnancy.

And this pregnancy I had a busy toddler that I had to somehow take care of though all of the above which translated into being very unmotivated concerning just about everything else.

Are you ever unmotivated? What caused you to be?

With that being said, hopefully I will be back a few times a week from here on until roughly the new baby comes. I can’t say what will happen after that. Maybe I will learn to how to blog on my phone while nursing my baby which will be half my day!

I am 20 weeks along with the pregnancy. I hit the half way mark on Sunday and now I am very excited for Friday as it is my anatomy scan ultrasound where I will find out the gender. This past week I have gotten an itch to start prepping and nesting a bit for coming baby but it helps to know what gender it is.

Now I really don’t care if it is a boy or a girl but it does reflect how I will get ready for it. If it is a boy I won’t have to do too much as I have everything a baby boy needs or I want a baby boy to have. I will make a baby quilt and do a few special things for the baby boy. BUT if it is a baby girl I will want some girly things and change up the nursery a bit more. And my family will probably spoil a baby girl a bit more too.

So I am excited for Friday.

Cute moment today from my adorable little man who is 18 months old. I was changing his crib sheet and putting a clean one away when he wanted it. I said, “no, it is a sheet.” And he said, “baa, baa, baa.” He heard sheep not sheet. I chuckled to myself. He is an energetic toddler but makes me smiles and love him every day.