Sorry to be MIA for so long.

But I have been so unmotivated this pregnancy. Or the first half of this pregnancy. I am not the woman who is only sick for the first trimester. Nope! I am exhausted, nauseous and feeling nasty for almost 20 full weeks of pregnancy.

And this pregnancy I had a busy toddler that I had to somehow take care of though all of the above which translated into being very unmotivated concerning just about everything else.

Are you ever unmotivated? What caused you to be?

With that being said, hopefully I will be back a few times a week from here on until roughly the new baby comes. I can’t say what will happen after that. Maybe I will learn to how to blog on my phone while nursing my baby which will be half my day!

I am 20 weeks along with the pregnancy. I hit the half way mark on Sunday and now I am very excited for Friday as it is my anatomy scan ultrasound where I will find out the gender. This past week I have gotten an itch to start prepping and nesting a bit for coming baby but it helps to know what gender it is.

Now I really don’t care if it is a boy or a girl but it does reflect how I will get ready for it. If it is a boy I won’t have to do too much as I have everything a baby boy needs or I want a baby boy to have. I will make a baby quilt and do a few special things for the baby boy. BUT if it is a baby girl I will want some girly things and change up the nursery a bit more. And my family will probably spoil a baby girl a bit more too.

So I am excited for Friday.

Cute moment today from my adorable little man who is 18 months old. I was changing his crib sheet and putting a clean one away when he wanted it. I said, “no, it is a sheet.” And he said, “baa, baa, baa.” He heard sheep not sheet. I chuckled to myself. He is an energetic toddler but makes me smiles and love him every day.




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