Downside of the Middle

This week I didn’t get very good naps while my little slept which doesn’t help me be a better mom while pregnant. I don’t always fall asleep but I usually lay for an hour and half or so. I still usually feel rested even if I don’t sleep because I treasure the quietness of my house and just being still.

I don’t get to be still much with a toddler even when I try to sit down he has something to show me or want me to do. And quietness in our house when my little man is up usually isn’t good. I would rather hear his little voice or feet running around so I know where he is. But, oh, as a mom, I treasure the quiet.

Well to say the least it wasn’t quiet the last three days here.


The HOA decided it was the week to trim the trees.

I noticed our street started when I took David to the park to play and saw their progress as I returned. Sadly, doing the math in my head would indicated that the trimmer and the tree branch crusher (probably not correct name but a loud noise maker) would be at our house right at nap time. I hoped I was wrong.

Well, I wasn’t. I put my little man down and went to lay down and it was none stopped noise for the whole time. And to add to the noise our windows were all open because it was such a beautiful day.

That should have just been one day right?

Nope, they came behind us the next day and hit our area again.

We are a detached townhome that is smack in the middle of the street. So I got it in a back to back days.

Then today it was warmer so I closed my windows and thought they were down. But about 20 minutes into my nap the tree trimming noise started right back up. Ugh!!

Three days of no peace and quietness or nap. That wears on a pregnant mommy.

Plus side is it is Friday which means I can attempt to nap this weekend well. But I do have visitors coming for the weekend so I don’t expect much.

What do you treasure the most in your day?


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