Nap Disrupted

My son only took a five minute nap today. Five minutes!

Those five minutes were on the way home from the park. He enjoyed the park for two hours and that is all he slept.


Because his nap was disrupted by poop. Yep, poop.

This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. But my son doesn’t go back to sleep after he poops.

I transferred him in from the car to his crib successfully then 5 minutes later I noticed he was rolling around. He continued talking and rolling and occasionally fusing.

All that for an whole hour before I decided to pull him out. And when I pulled him out he was poopy. That tends to be the case when he doesn’t sleep when he should.

And today he needed his nap because we are checking out a small group tonight which means he is suppose to be up past his bedtime. We will see if we make it because usually no naps means early to bed.

Oh, nap disrupted!


Missing the Known

This past week I have been struggling with missing the known specifically my life in Seattle. It has been five months in Southern California and I still feel really new here.

I am sure the pregnancy hormones don’t help with my emotions but I also know from prior experience that this time comes in a move. It is when you are settled physically but needing time to build those relationships, bring about familiarity, and find all those things (places, doctors, services, etc) that you slowly realize you need.

The biggest area that I feel the gap in this week was my home church up in Bellevue and my friends. I miss going to the Sunday School group and knowing about the others lives and having connection. I miss knowing what church we were going to every week and what to expect. I miss not having a set nursery for my son. I miss the beautiful smiling faces of friends that have been there through good and bad times with us.

It is hard that after five months we haven’t found a church to call home. We have visited many. I have a great MOPs group that I attended and am now going to a summer Bible Study with but I still feel new and left out since we choose not to call that church home.

Then the second area that I am feeling the newness in is my pregnancy.

I miss my midwives and birth center. I wish I could have the familiarity there instead of finding a new midwife and making the decisions there. I miss not already knowing who to call when I want a chiropractor in this pregnancy or a massage. I miss not being able to have my doulas that we had with my little man’s birth. I miss knowing the hospital that was the back up and my set OBGYN.

I don’t want to have to find all these new things. I don’t like having to find these new things.

I do have a new midwife but it is so hard not to compare and be disappointed with my choice. We went with a home birth this time around instead of birth center because the birth centers are not the same as they are in Washington.

I am sure on the other side of holding this coming baby that these feelings won’t matter and I will probably love my new midwife. But right now it isn’t so.

I am sure we will find the right church and I will make the friends that I am longing for but that takes time. And time feels like a long and hard.

I have to choose not to mourn the loss of what I had up in Washington but to cherish that time, memory, friends. It is the process of moving.

My Heart Breaks

Tonight I was putting my son to bed by rocking him and singing. I sing the same two songs each time I put him to bed. The songs are “Jesus Loves Me” and “Amazing Grace”. After I finished singing I started to pray and think while my son was snuggled in on me.

This past week ran through my mind and my heart breaks for all that is happening in our country. And it breaks more then it has ever had before because I was seeing these events through mother eyes. I am raising my son in a country that I can’t completely understand. It isn’t the time I would wish my son to grow up in but it is the one that he will be.

I count my blessings that my son is too young to notice what is happening in the news and what my husband and I have been discussing all week. I am so glad he is too young to be on Facebook and face the never ending posts over the past weeks events. It is so confusing to work through and I don’t have to explain it to my child.

But someday he won’t be so young and he will ask questions which I will have to find an answer to. I don’t look forward to that day.

But my prayer was that I would be an example of Christ to him. That he will become a child and eventually an adult that treats other with respect and as Christ taught us.

The following scriptures run through my mind for how we need to be living to bring love and peace to those around us.

Matthew 22:37-39

37 And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the great and [o]foremost commandment. 39 The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Matthew 7:12

12 “In everything, therefore, [a]treat people the same way you want [b]them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

My prayer tonight was that I will be able to truly show and teach my son what those two scriptures really mean and I can only do that through Christ in me.


So this past week my son has picked up on “ew”. But what is interesting is what he uses it for and that I have no clue how he connected.

My son uses “ew” now when he poops or pees. First time he used it was right before bath time and he peed on the floor because he had no diaper on. He ran away crying “ew, ew, ew.”

Not sure that is a good thing because my ultimate goal down the line is that he will use the toilet which is peeing out of his diaper and that isn’t “ew”.

Then a few days later he used “ew” when he pooped and got a bad diaper rash. I think that is appropriate but it surprised me that he correlated it.

Then just today he was climbing the stairs and stopped said “ew” then pointed to the front of his diaper. I am assuming he was peeing.

I think it is a good thing that he is realizing what he is doing but I worry that if he thinks it is gross he will have trouble with potty training.

Oh and I am not attempting or thinking of attempting to potty train yet. That is for later down the road. But for a sixteen month old he has surprised me with his awareness.

When did you child potty train? When he did first become aware of what he was doing?

Coming Soon…

We have some exciting news.

This news is the reason I actually haven’t been blogging too much. It is hard to write and not mention it so in the midst of my travel I just stopped writing.


Coming soon is a new addition to our house one with two little feet to run and to arms to hug.

The shirts I found for little man. It was hard getting big bro shirts in even a size close enough to what he is in.


I am expecting our second child in January 2017.

This has meant the last month has been exhausting between the first trimester and keeping up with an active toddler. I have been taking a nap whenever my little man is down which means less time to blog and less time to do “me” things but it helps me get through the day. If I don’t take a nap I end up getting short with David who usually isn’t doing anything that bad.

The pregnancy definitely made me miss my bed during our months of travel. This past week has been wonderful getting more rest then ever.

I look forward to another blessing in our home and now just navigating making our choice on midwives and finding the right chiropractor, massage therapist, etc that was all set before we moved.

Little man looks excited but he doesn’t really understand yet

16 Months Old Toddler

My little man is growing in to such a toddler.

He is officially 16 months old and just doesn’t stop growing.

Last night he was getting ready for his bath and step up his step stool all by himself and grabbed his toothbrush. And then stood there while my husband helped him brush his teeth. He also let one foot drift off of the step stool.

I just stood there and couldn’t believe how big he was.

Also, he is working everyday to put his Lego Duplos together. He does get frustrated if he can’t do it but he has been successful quite often.


And I can’t believe how fast his vocabulary is growing. He was running around the other night with his blanket saying peekaboo which sounds more like basketboo. But it is very clear still.

Even his babysitter the other day picked up words right away from him. His favorite words are basketball, go, more, no, book, duck, etc.

And I just love watching him walk because he does it with such confidence for such a little man. Even when he is trying to wear my shoes. He has even attempted to wear super high heels of mine and gotten made when it didn’t work.

He is so happy to be home but did enjoy traveling and see friends and family this past month. We went from Seattle to Arizona to Chicago. He was pretty good at sleeping and eating where ever we went.

He still eats very well but he is getting opinionate about what he wants each day. If it looks strange or odd he will refuse it and then at times he will decide he doesn’t want what I am serving. It is a new experience but I am learning how to work with his opinions.


Everyday there is a new moment that makes me stand back in wonder. He is growing so  fast and I am enjoying it.

So Sleepy

My little man was adorable today.

He had a babysitter while I went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. That meant he spent all morning playing and being super active. So when I got home I quickly made lunch before I was going to put him down for his nap.

He was eating his cottage cheese, quesadilla, and strawberries when I noticed his head drifting to the side with his eyes closing. Such a sleepy look.

Therefore, I told him that he was time for a nap and asked if he was all done.

He then waved his hands in all done before proceeding to pick up all his quesadilla triangles.

I laughed because he was so ready to take his lunch to bed with him.

I told him no and slowly got him to set down his lunch before taking him upstairs for his nap.

I still giggle remembering how he picked up his lunch to take with him.