Death by Chocolate

So yesterday I got the urge to make cookies so I rummaged through my pantry and put together a version of monster cookies with oatmeal, peanut butter, and 4 kinds of chocolate. They turned out delicious. David enjoyed one. I ate two before my husband came home.

Oh and the batch made 5-6 dozen. Even though I am pregnant I don’t need that many in the house for just 3 of us. So I decided to freeze a dozen and half for later. And to send a dozen and a half to work with my husband.

When my husband came home today I asked how his coworkers liked the cookies. He said they were all gone.

We had city group (small group) with our church tonight. We were gone for about two hours. When we came home my husband took David upstairs to go to bed and I went to get comfortable. I usually hit the pajamas pretty quickly in the evening because they are the most comfortable with an ever expanding belly.

And when I got to our room I stumbled upon two empty containers with cookies crumbs.

I assumed our beagle, Dylan, had rummaged through my husband’s backpack to find the crumbs and eat them. I was not happy about my containers being ruined especially because Dylan has been extra annoying lately with David and me.

My husband came downstairs and I showed him the containers and asked him if he could figure out what happens. His reaction was completely unexpected because he said, “Did he throw up some where?” I didn’t know why that would be the case with crumbs. He then informed me that he had forgotten to put the cookies out and was planning to do it tomorrow which meant our beagle just ate one and half dozen cookies with a lot of chocolate in them.

So we are now on look for death by chocolate to our dog. I am hoping it doesn’t end with him throwing up tonight on our down comforter before we leave for our Thanksgiving vacation. I don’t want to have to do that laundry. And I don’t want to wake up to a dead dog either.

Oh, the joys of a dog!